REPORT FOR 2011 WAHO CONFERENCE (unfortunately the delegate was unable to attend at the last moment, this is the report that would have been delivered at the Conference):


My name is Natasa Gorisek and I am the delegate for the Slovenian Arabian Stud Book Authority. We would like to thank the Qatar Race and Equestrian Club for hosting this WAHO Conference and for their generous hospitality.

In Slovenia, the number of registered foals in the last five years has been similar with about twenty each year. The only exception was in the year 2009, when thirty five foals were registered, this was the most productive year in the breeding of Arabian horses in Slovenia since we became a WAHO Registering Authority Member in 2004, until today.

The number of breeding stallions has stayed the same, there are currently 12. The number of broodmares is equally increasing proportionally with the number of living registered Arabians, and is now up to 72. The number of imported horses, between 3 and 6 each year, is a little bit higher then the number of exported horses. The number of living registered Arabians has seen a good increase, from 249 in 2007 to 332 in 2010.

The only activity in which our Arabians take an active part is endurance. In 2009 there were three events, and in 2010 there were five, these were organised by the Slovenian Equestrian Federation. In 2009 three Arabians competed, and in 2010 four Arabians competed. That is less than 5 % of all competing endurance horses in the country.

In Slovenia there are some very ambitious breeders who take part in the different International Shows in the countries near by. As a result, our WAHO Trophy winner for 2011 is the young stallion Lawos, he is the first Slovenian home-bred and registered horse who participates at International shows. He took part in the International Show in Hungary in August 2009, where he won the Balaton Cup. It seems that this success has been a very good inspiration for all the Slovenian breeders.

In the last year the Association of Slovenian Arabian Horse Breeders was slightly less active than before. There are only some individuals who actively promote the breed and educate themselves. We hope this situation will improve in the future.

Our current Stud Book was published in 2009 and covers the period from 2004 to 2008. The next volume will cover the period from 2009 to 2012 and will be printed in the beginning of 2013. We still do not have an online pedigree database, but the studbook is accessible on our website:

This concludes the Slovenian Report. Thank you.

2008 REPORT:

The Slovenian Arabian Stud Book Authority reports that 20 foals were registered in 2008, with 60 broodmares and 14 breeding stallions active. The living Arabian population in the country is now estimated at 275. 4 horses were imported in 2008, from Austria, The Netherlands, and The Czech Republic, and 1 stallion was sent on temporary lease to Croatia for breeding. There have been no other changes to the registration procedures or rules since those previously reported.


The Slovenian Arabian Stud Book Authority published their first Stud Book in 2004 covering the period from 1990-2003. The next volume, which will cover the period from 2004-2007, will be printed in 2009. The number of horses registered in different years are varying greatly. In 2004, 20 foals were registered, but in 2005 there were only 5, and in 2006 there were 27.

In 2007, Slovenia registered 21 foals. 3 horses were exported, and 4 were imported. Although these dissimilarities is considerable, we estimate that in the future we may expect moderate growth of the numbers of registered foals and also of the total numbers of horses. Our expectations are based on the fact that there are more and more ambitious breeders who are improving their breeding by the importation of quality breeding stock and by better management.

The numbers of breeding stallions and broodmares and the numbers of imported and exported horses also support the anticipated development of breeding in our country. In 2006 there were 15 breeding stallions, and 37 broodmares. 14 horses were imported in 2006 and 5 were exported in the same year. The estimated total number of Arabians in Slovenia is 250.

According to our breeding rules, parent verification of foals is mandatory prior to first registration. DNA testing has been in use since 2004. For the purpose of identification, Markings Identification Documents are issued to the registered foals. For the time being other methods of marking such as branding, tattooing, or micro-chipping for this purpose are not in use. We allow artificial insemination, and also ovum and embryo transfer, but only one foal can be registered per donor mare.

According to the fact that Arab breeding has only started in Slovenia some fifteen years ago, that numbers of the Arab horses are still very small and that only recently some breeders have become more ambitious, it can be understood that numbers of activities organised are small. In the last two years the Association of Slovenian Arab Breeders has organised shows in halter class for the purpose of selection and promotion of the breed. Seminars in training and presenting of the horses were also organised. These activities are proving to be very important not only as the means of selection and promotion, but even far more as the means of education of the breeders. Some Arabian horses are now taking part in dressage and endurance competitions organized by the Slovenian Equestrian Association.

PASION P 2006 Grey gelding. [Psytadel/Pelaja II]. Breeder: Gregor Pintar. Owner: Lila Gros. Strain: Kehailan Ajuz (Gazella, ca. 1840)
Pasion P has been awarded Slovenia's 2013 WAHO Trophy. This attractive gelding is the first Slovenian purebred Arabian horse which successfully competes in endurance. In the year 2011 he won the Slovenian National Championships with his young rider, she was just 16 years old at the time. This proves not only his athletic ability and soundness, but also shows that he has a really excellent calm temperament.
Click to Enlarge - Pasion P and his owner, Lila Gros, at an endurance ride during the vet check

Pasion P and his owner, Lila Gros, at an endurance ride during the vet check
Click to Enlarge - Pasion P enjoying the beautiful Slovenian scenery during a ride

Pasion P enjoying the beautiful Slovenian scenery during a ride

LAWAI Grey stallion, 2007 (T.M. Aikonos / T.M. Lawenda). Breeder and owner: Marjan Vrancic. Strain: Not Recorded, Family of Milordka (1816)
The 2012 WAHO Trophy winner for Slovenia has been proudly announced.
Lawai is the full brother of the 2011 WAHO Trophy winner for Slovenia, Lawos. He participated, like his brother, at the International Show in Hungary in August 2009, coming second in his category in the keen competition for the Balaton Cup. This lovely young stallion is of predominantly Russian and Polish bloodlines, he has continued to develop well since that show success and it is hoped he will have a successful future career both in the show-ring and as a sire.
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Lawai, Slovenia 2012 WAHO Trophy Winner
Photos: Lawai (photo credit: Manca Medved)

LAWOS Grey stallion, 2008. (T.M. Aikonos / T.M. Lawenda). Breeder and owner: Marjan Vrancic. Strain: Not Recorded, Family of Milordka (1816)
The 2011 WAHO Trophy winner for Slovenia has been proudly announced.
Lawos is the first horse born and first registered in Slovenia that has participated in international shows. He took part in the International Show in Hungary in August 2009, winning the competition for the Balaton Cup. This lovely young stallion is of predominantly Russian and Polish bloodlines, and hopefully has a bright future ahead of him both at international shows and as a sire at home in Slovenia.
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Lawos, Slovenia 2011 WAHO Trophy Winner
Photo credit: Manca Medved

EL DAHRA Liver chestnut stallion, 1992 (Golden Crown/Amun Swadeschi). Breeder: Borut Skulj. Owner: Janez Zalokar. Strain: Abeyan Sherrak (Abeyah, 1896)
Slovenia is pleased to announce their latest WAHO Trophy winner.
El Dahra is the first domestically bred Slovenian stallion used for breeding in the country. His sire, the British-bred Golden Crown (1978-2009) who was in fact imported to Slovenia from Iraq, is himself a past WAHO Trophy winner. His dam Amun Swadeschi was imported from Germany and has become a very important broodmare in the country.
El Dahra’s interesting and truly international pedigree combines old English bloodlines with Egyptian, Marbach, early Spanish and domestic American lines. He has been awarded the 2010 WAHO Trophy for Slovenia in recognition of the fact that one of his sons is already being used as a sire, and two of his daughters are now successful broodmares.


ASKAYA 1990, Liver Chestnut Mare, 1990 Breeder and Owner: Borut Skulj. (Golden Crown / Amun Swadeschi). Strain: Abeyah Sherrakieh (Abeyah, 1896).
The Slovenian Stud Book Authority decided to award the mare Askaya with their 2009 WAHO Trophy.
She is one of the first purebred Arabian horses born and registered in Slovenia. She has proved to be one of the best broodmares in Slovenian breeding. She has delivered seven foals so far, six colts and one filly which is now a broodmare in her own right, with several offspring of her own.


PIRUNA Grey Mare, 1997. [Piruet / Into My Dream]. Breeder: Julius Fischer. Owner: Gregor Pintar, Sencila Bled d.o.o. Strain: Kehaileh Jellabieh (Jellabiet Feysul)
The Slovenian Stud Book Authority has decided to award the mare PIRUNA with their 2008 WAHO Trophy.
Though this mare was not born in Slovenia, being an import from Germany and registered in the first Slovenian Arabian Stud Book, her four Slovenian-born and registered foals are of such excellent quality that the Slovenian SBA believe she has more than proved her breeding potential as a mare of signifance to the breed in their country. They expect her contribution to the success of her owner’s stud farm and her ability to improve the quality of the small Slovenian population of Arabian horses will be substantial. Therefore, all these facts were considered to qualify this mare as the Slovenian WAHO Trophy winner for 2008. Last but not least, it also means a recognition of the merits of her owner, Mr. Gregor Pintar, who is undoubtedly one of Slovenia’s most dedicated and competent breeders.


AMUN SWADESCHI Grey Mare. 1985. (Amun El Kantar/Syrima). Breeder: Heidelinde Kretschmer, Germany. Owner: Nevenka Mars, Slovenia. Strain: Abeyeh Sherrakieh (Haffia, 1906).
The Slovenian Arabian Stud Book is pleased to announce that the grey mare Amun Swadeschi has been awarded their 2007 WAHO Trophy.
This mare was one of the first purebred Arabian broodmares in Slovenia and as such, has become one of the founders of Slovenian Arabian breeding. So far she has produced 10 registered foals, 6 colts and 4 fillies, during the period 1989-2007. Three of her four sons have already proven themselves as breeding stallions, and one of her daughters is now herself a broodmare, confirming the breeding value of Amun Swadeschi.
Although not born in Slovenia, she is surely the mare who has strongly influenced Slovenian Arabian breeding by her type and excellent characteristics. We feel that all these facts qualify this mare as the Slovenian WAHO Trophy winner in 2007.


GOLDEN CROWN 1978, Dark Chestnut stallion. Breeder: Cromes Arabian Stud. Owner: Joze Zver. Strain: Kehailan Rodan (Rodania, 1869).
The Slovenian Arabian Stud Book Authority is pleased to announce that the 29-year old stallion Golden Crown, owned by Joze Zver, Brezovica, Slovenia has been awarded the 2006 WAHO Trophy for Slovenia.
Despite the fact that this grand old stallion was first registered in Great Britain and not in Slovenia, which is considered a first criterion for the WAHO Trophy, we decided to make a one-off exception and make the award to him because of the fact that he was the first purebred Arab stallion used for breeding in Slovenia.
Golden Crown has had an interesting life. Having sired one foal in England, at the age of 5 he was exported from Britain to Iraq, where he was registered in the WAHO accepted Iraq stud book Volume 1. He had no purebred offspring in Iraq, and was acquired there by his owner, who had been working in that country, and brought back to Slovenia in 1988.
Since his breeding career started in Slovenia, he has produced thirteen fillies and seven colts registered so far. Of these, seven mares and two stallions are themselves already being used for breeding, thus strongly influencing the relatively small population of Arab horses in Slovenia.
The offspring of Golden Crown all inherit his best characteristics, of which his type is most outstanding without fail. This stallion’s contribution to the Arabians of Slovenia has been exceptional and he more than deserves the 2006 WAHO Trophy.


PIRUETA - P [Piligrim / Piruna] Chestnut filly, 2004. Breeder and Owner: Gregor Pintar. Strain: Kehaileh Jellabieh (Jellabiet Feysul).
Slovenia is one of the newest Members of WAHO, with a relatively small number of Arabian horses at present, although the numbers are growing each year. In 2005 the Slovenian Arabian Breeders Association organised their first National Show for Arab horses. This pioneering show took place in Ljubljana on 6th of September 2005. A total of 32 horses of all categories - 11 males and 22 females were presented to the judges in front of a good crowd of spectators.
The Breeders Association had decided in advance that the 2005 WAHO Trophy for Slovenia would be awarded to the best horse of this show, regardless of the category. The 2005 WAHO Trophy winner is therefore the ‘Best in Show’, being the lovely chestnut filly Pirueta-P, owned and bred by Gregor Pintar, one of the most enthusiastic members of the young Slovenian Arab Breeders Association.
This harmonious and good moving filly is of truly international bloodlines. Her dam is the German bred mare Piruna who was imported to Slovenia in 2002, by the Polish stallion Piruet (Probat / Pieczec) out of the Canadian mare, Into My Dream (Executive Class / Precious Me). Pirueta-P’s sire Piligrim, who was born in The Netherlands, is of Russian bloodlines (Balaton / Popova).
Click to Enlarge - Pirueta-P, Slovenia's 2005 WAHO Trophy winner
Click to Enlarge - Pirueta-P, Slovenia's 2005 WAHO Trophy winner
Pirueta-P, Slovenia's 2005 WAHO Trophy winner.

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