WAHO is publishing the following announcement:

This is the first time in history that the world-wide existing Arabian horse registries and their membership, the Arabian horse breeders, are united. It has taken several years of negotiations and build-up of confidence between WAHO, the World Arabian Horse Organisation and PAT, the Pure-bred Arabian Trust to agree on a solid understanding how the past and the future of the world-wide existing Arabian horse population should be handled. Both organisations have explored all aspects how the past and the future could be put on a proper road and that PAT will become again a full member of WAHO under such considerations. The authorities of WAHO are appreciating highly the positive attitude of PAHR in co-operating to make such a change possible. There is also no doubt that the Canadian Arabian Horse Registry will join WAHO again in the coming year.

The total Arabian Horse breed world-wide is therefore from now on an exclusive and closed population and will be guarded as such, hopefully forever.

From January 01, 2008 on, PAT in conjunction with AHA will be therefore the only registering authority in the US. WAHO is very pleased to have this historically old registry authority again in a full member status within its ranks. PAHR, however, will cease its activities by December 31, 2007.

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